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Project Description

UC Merced 2020 Project

Central Division, Water Treatment

Merced, California

WML partnered with Webcor Builders to provide subcontracting services to support the delivery of the UC Merced 2020 Project which nearly doubles the size of the existing UC Merced campus by adding 13 buildings with supporting infrastructure, featuring 1.2M gross square feet of classroom, research, student life, housing and faculty office space. The $1.3B Design-Build-Operate-Finance project utilized the P3 (Public-Private-Partnership) delivery method.

W.M. Lyles Co.’s subcontracting scope of work included 19,000LF of 4”-16” domestic/ fire water piping, 12,500LF of 4”-20” chilled water piping, 4,000LF of 3”-8” gas piping, 3,500LF of 4”-14” reclaimed water piping, 11,500LF of 4”-21” sanitary sewer piping, 2,000LF of 8” sewer force main piping, and over 26,000LF of 6”-36” storm drain piping. Other work included concrete retaining walls, storm drain
headwalls / outfalls, manholes, catch basins, demolition of existing utilities/structures, sanitary sewer lift station, over 400,000LF of conduit duct bank / pathway for power, IT, emergency blue phone system, lighting, security, traffic signals, and wireless access points including the concrete foundations for over 450 light fixtures.
Amount: $57,442,031.00

Anticipated Completion Date: August, 2020