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Project Description

Tulare Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

Tulare, California

Construction of a 12 MGD Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facility including, but not limited to: Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) units, aeration lagoons for aerobic treatment with the associated civil, mechanical, structural, electrical and instrumentation work; new rectangular concrete tanks to be used as Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR); Dentrification filters; blower building complete with associated civil, mechanical, structural, electrical and instrumentation work; circular concrete anaerobic sludge digesters with circulation and heating systems; standby generators; earthwork, grading, and drainage systems; roadways, and yard piping. The project is an expansion and upgrading of an existing industrial wastewater treatment plant. The existing plant is to remain fully operational during construction and producing effluent of the quality as being produced before construction of this project commences.

Cal/OSHA Golden Gate Partnership Award Recipient; 160,000 man-hours with no lost-time incidents

Contract Amount: $81,814,908
Completion Date: March, 2010