Tesoro Viejo Planned Community Water/ Wastewater Program2019-01-02T21:35:18+00:00

Project Description

Tesoro Viejo Planned Community Water/Wastewater Program

Central Division, Water/Waterwaste Treatment

Madera, California

Design-Builder of the $126M Tesoro Viejo Water/Wastewater Program. The Program will service the development’s 5,200 dwellings, the 3.0 Million sf industrial and commercial space, schools, hospital, parks, open spaces and trails. The Water/Wastewater Program is being delivered in stages in order to coincide with the anticipated growth of the development.

The water system work consists of the construction of a new river intake structure, raw water pump station at the bank of San Joaquin River, 16,000lf of RW piping, a 6MGD membrane filtration/UV disinfection water treatment plant, mainline distribution piping, a number of potable water storage reservoirs throughout the development, and associated distribution pump stations as well as numerous well sites to provide backup water. The wastewater system work includes a 3 MGD membrane bioreactor filtration/UV disinfection recycled water wastewater treatment plant, numerous sewage lift stations, sanitary sewer main line, recycled water pump station and pipelines, recharge wells, and seasonal storage ponds and recharge basins as well as allocations for future IPR.

Amount: $37,000,000.00

Program Commenced: 2014