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Project Description

Stored Water Recovery Unit Program

Southern Division, Water Treatment

Wasco, California

Design-Builder of the District’s $200M Stored Water Recovery Unit Program. The SWRU Program, started in 2005 and being delivered in phases, adds 13,000 acres of agricultural lands to the District’s existing in-lieu groundwater banking program. The initial $47M project provided a 720cfs bi-directional east-west connection between the California Aqueduct and the District’s Pond-Poso Canal System and included 38,000LF of 120” RCP pipeline, a 144” tunnel crossing of Hwy 5, an aqueduct turnout facility, a 12,000HP junction reservoir pumping plant with concrete lined canal and forebay. Subsequent projects constructed include a 1MW photovoltaic solar generation facility, a 300cfs raw water processing plant and treatment reservoir, reverse flow pumping facilities, a 10MW electrical substation, a .25MW hydro generating facility, and various pipeline projects. Future projects will include the construction of 62 miles of pipeline and canals, seven pumping plants, a 20MW substation expansion, 15 miles of overhead electrical distribution, two water storage reservoirs, and 80 landowner turnouts.

Amount: $81,500,000.00

Program Commenced: 2005