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Project Description

Orange County Sanitation Department (OCSD)
P1-101 Sludge Dewatering and Odor Control Project

WML is currently under contract with the OCSD to construct a $126,900,000 four phase thickening, dewatering and sludge handling project at the existing Waste Water Treatment Plant in Fountain Valley, CA. There will be multiple components including: structural, architectural, mechanical, fire control, plumbing, odor control systems, electrical, instrumentation, and control systems represented within the plant wide improvements. Additionally, this project includes: the construction of three new underground pipe tunnels, structural shoring, valve vaults, screen walls, asphalt paving, rehabilitation of existing silos, and truck load out facilities.

WML will engage twenty five subcontractors to assist with the construction of the new project. The WML onsite field management staff is made up of Grant Gourley, Vince Guillama, Mark Glaszczak, Farnoush Saiidnia, Stephen Henning, Brenda Shanholtzer and Lisa Moran.

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