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Project Description

Northern Division

CCCSD Primary Treatment Renovations Project

This Project is comprised of work in four major areas. The first area is the Plant Operations Building where two new 42-inch horizontal centrifugal mixed-flow pumps driven by 600 HP motors with variable frequency drives will be installed.

The second area includes all four of the plant’s Primary Sedimentation Basins. Each basin will undergo a complete renovation including: replacement of the sludge collection, scum collection, agitation air diffuser system, installation of a new 84-inch rectangular butterfly valve, and 6,200 LF of spray piping.

The third area is the Primary Chemical Feed Building which will be retrofitted to receive a new grit handling system.

The final area is the Solids Handling Building where the existing scum thickening system will be removed and replaced.

Work is currently underway on this project with completion scheduled for November of 2015.