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Project Description

Moreno Valley Regional Water Reclamation Plant

Moreno Valley, California

Expansion and upgrade of the existing plant from 15.8 MGD to 18.5 MGD with integration of a new acid phase anaerobic digestion system. Due to Lyles’ extensive plant expansion experience and knowledge regarding elimination of disruptions to plant operations, the existing treatment plant and process remained in full service and met discharge compliances during these substantial
capital upgrades and modifications.

Construction of this complex plant expansion, under difficult working conditions, required implementation of additional safety procedures; consequently, Lyles experienced no recordable accidents during this project. Project improvements include new methane digester, acid digester, boiler building, gas flare, 15KW generator, fuel storage system, paralleling switchgear system, and electrical building; modifications and upgrades to the headworks, influent and effluent pump stations, blower building, grit basin, and replacement of the odor control system.

Contract Amount: $29,761,402
Completion Date: September, 2012