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Project Description

Indio Activated Sludge Plant / Sludge Dewatering Facilities

Indio, California

Modifications to the existing activated sludge treatment system; replacement of the existing chlorination and dechlorination systems; addition of a new sludge dewatering building with two new belt presses; addition of a new effluent outfall system, and related earthwork, pumping, piping, electrical, and control systems. The work also includes three new aeration blowers, three new 95 foot diameter secondary clarifiers, and a new hypochlorite storage building. The existing activated sludge plant has a permitted capacity of 5 million gallons per day (mgd) and, after construction is complete, the activated sludge plant capacity will be increased to approximately 7.56 mgd.

Contract Amount: $24,401,821
Completion Date: May, 2009