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Project Description

Central Contra Costa Sanitary District Piping Renovations Phase 8

Northern Division, Wastewater Treatment

Martinez, CA

Work consisted of removal and replacement of piping, valves, instrumentation, and equipment in various areas within the plant.

Project Description
This included:

  • Replacement of Scum Pumps at the Secondary Clarifiers (4 EA), existing FRP Hypochlorite Tank, strainer cover and motor, 300 linear feet of 3” & 4” BD piping for the plant boilers in the Solids Handling Building, actuators and pedestals for existing 36” gates at the Clearwell (2 EA), 1000 linear feet of spray water piping, supports, spray nozzles at the Aeration Tank and Mixed Liquor Channel, boiler pressure instruments and tubing (7 EA)
  • Modifications to existing steel 2W, 3WLP, and DAF piping at the Backwash Pumps and other locations
  • Demolition of existing fire suppression system, with abatement of asbestos panels at the Hypochlorite Vault and lead paint at most locations.

Amount: $1,003,086.00

Completion Date: March 2016