Central Contra Costa Sanitary District Sludge Blending Tank Repairs2018-02-07T18:12:47+00:00

Project Description

Central Contra Costa Sanitary District Sludge Blending Tank Repairs

Northern Division, Wastewater Treatment

Martinez, CA

Project Description:
The project consists of:

  • The work generally consisted of saw-cutting and demolition of approximately 200 square feet of gunnite around the top edge of the existing concrete Sludge Blending Tank while in service and installation of grout transition from new to existing work.
  • Removal and replacement of 65 square feet of gunnite with grout at two failure locations around existing tank wall post tension tendons.
  • Demolition of existing Overflow box and realignment of 15 linear feet of 8” seamless steel BSO overflow piping.
  • Installation of 9,400 square feet of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) reinforcement around exterior wall of tank including final FRP protective coatings.
  • Protect all drain inlets during construction and remove and replace existing lighting, hose bibs, etc. as needed for FRP install.

Amount: $400,435.75

Completion Date: June 2015