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Project Description

Avenue 54 Wastewater Treatment Plant

Aeration Improvements and Plant Upgrades
Coachella, California

Upgrade, expand and improve the treatment capacity of the existing 3 MGD wastewater treatment plant. Sequential improvements were completed and coordinated with plant staff to ensure that existing facilities remained operational. Work included installing 2,300 scfm centrifugal blowers, fine bubble diffuser system, submersible activated sludge pumps and flow meters, floating supernatant decanters, submersible digested sludge wasting pumps with flow meters, V-notch sodium hypochlorite injection systems, concrete lined sludge beds, polymer feed facility, above and below grade pipelines, electrical and instrumentation with SCADA integration, extensive coatings rehabilitation for structural and mechanical items, site grading and paving.

Contract Amount: $4,870,964
Completion Date: June, 2012