A Strong Beginning

From a beginning in the oil fields at Avenal, in the Kettleman Hills of Central California on January 2, 1945, the W. M. Lyles Co. has progressed to a diversified construction organization performing work throughout most of California and with operational capacity in several adjoining states.

Early in the Company’s history, the program of hiring recent college graduate engineers started so we could apply their professional abilities on-the-job while they were mentored directly by the foreman, pipefitters, and operators. Over the years, the teamwork between the skilled craftsmen and these graduate engineers has enabled us to remain competitive on complex multi-million-dollar projects.

Core Philosophy

The philosophy of the W. M. Lyles Co. throughout its history has been one of delegating responsibility and authority to the operational or division level. We have progressed through performance by having intelligent and competent personnel within our divisions. This policy is one of the primary reasons we have continued our growth on a sound financial basis. It has also been the basis for providing the opportunity for competent people at the division level to make use of their training and abilities in the operation of the successful divisions.

Strength in Quality

From the oil field work in the beginning, followed soon after by farm trenching and installing gas mains and services, W. M. Lyles Co. rapidly expanded into all phases of underground construction, including: water, sewer, and steel pipelines, as well as, electrical and telephone conduit, irrigation lines, prison infrastructure, water and wastewater treatment plants, Con/Span concrete culvert systems, and environmental and ecological services.

Team Innovation

The ability to perform projects in varied types of engineering construction has resulted from the willingness of personnel at all levels to put forth a team effort. The W. M. Lyles Co. takes pride in its team of skilled craftsmen, engineers, and highly competent office workers. These are the people on whom our continued “progress through performance” depends.

These are the people on whom our continued “progress through performance” depends.

The West Kern Water District has worked in conjunction with the W.M. Lyles Co. for over twenty years. We have found them to be professional in every aspect of water works construction. Our experience has included consultation on design, construction management, prime and sub-contracting services on projects ranging up to $30,000,000. Honesty, integrity and quality work sum up West Kern’s association with W.M. Lyles Co.
Jerry Pearson, General Manager – West Kern Water District
…without the pre-construction planning that W. M. Lyles Co. provided to our engineers and the on-site coordination of the utility construction, we never would have opened this facility on the target date.
Philip Adams, Tejon Ranch Company
I’ve been doing business with WM Lyles for 20 years. I have confidence in their ability to construct a good project that is on time and budget. Their management team is highly professional and responsive.
Harry O. Starky, General manager – Berrenda Mesa Water District
W.M. Lyles Co. has constructed on the order of $150 million worth of water conveyance and storage facilities for the Semitropic Water Storage District for the past 35 years. This work has been in developed farmland and the District considers their team as top-notch professionals and rank as one of the top contractors performing this kind of work because they do quality work at competitive prices with minimum inconvenience to farmers.
Will Boschman, General Manager – Semitropic Water Storage District
From the pre-construction meeting to the final walk through, W. M. Lyles Co. and its employees demonstrated the utmost in professionalism and cooperation. The project was completed as scheduled with a final product exceeding my highest expectations.
David Hardt, United States Department of the Interior, Fish & Wildlife Service